Open vSwitch internals

Hello, in this post we are going to describe the path from switchd main() to xlate_normal_flood() in ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.15.90.

We start with main in ovs-vswitchd.c:

main() -> bridge_run()

bridge_run() -> bridge_run__();

bridge_run__() -> ofproto_type_run()

ofproto_type_run() -> type_run()

type_run() -> udpif_set_threads()

udpif_set_threads() -> udpif_start_threads()

udpif_start_threads() -> udpif_upcall_handler()

udpif_upcall_handler -> recv_upcalls()

recv_upcalls() -> process_upcall()

process_upcall() -> upcall_xlate()

upcall_xlate() -> xlate_actions()

xlate_actions() -> do_xlate_actions()

do_xlate_actions() -> xlate_output_action()

xlate_output_action() -> xlate_normal()

xlate_normal -> xlate_normal_flood()

And finally we added in the xlate_normal_flood():