KD-Project_1-Git manipulations

Hello, today
I started to work on a new project, called KD-P (KD-Project). “KD” part will be deciphered later… It is gonna to be a BIG FAT surprise.

Today we will start with the basics. We’ll create a project on Github and we will be managing it. 

Add “New” repo in the github

Initialize the directory in local fs as a GIT repo with code

Add all files to your git repo in the current folder with “.”

Set global user name

Set global email

Commit the files in the local repo

Commit the changed files only

Set the remote repo

Verify new remote

Fetch from and integrate with another repo

Push the current branch and set remote as upstream

Enter your gitHub credentials(login and password)

Get git commits:

Create a new branch from the commit:

Clear snapshot of remote branches in local repo:

Delete remote tag:

To remove staged and working directory changes and remove untracked files: