[IETF] Universal Customer Premises Equipment (NFV platform) orchestration via CISCO NSO

Hi folks,
Today I am happy to introduce a new IETF draft where the YANG model is described. This NFV (Network Function Virtualization) service model with xml templates and python logic enables CISCO Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) to manage the Universal Customer-Premises Equipment (NFV platform). The NFV service module serves as a base framework for managing an universal Customer-Premises Equipment (uCPE) NFV subsystem from the Orchestrator.

Network Function Virtualization is a technology that allows to virtualize the network services running on dedicated hardware. This technology became a base for universal Customer-Premises Equipment(uCPE). The uCPE – is universal hardware (whitebox) that has a hypervisor. In other words, uCPE is a host that may run multiple Virtual Machines with guest OSs. Each Guest OS may represent a Physical Network Function. To manage from an Orchestrator the Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure inside the uCPE, the VNF YANG service model (VYSM) was developed.

>>>Link to the IETF Internet Draft<<<