Data visualization from our MineCraft server with ElasticSearch and Kibana.


This post shows nicely visualized data from gameplay on our MineCraft server

Here is a pipeline:

Minecraft Server => Json Server => ElasticSearch => Kibana => Visualized Data.

This page consists of two parts: 1 part is data of all players. 2 part is data for 1 player “test”.

Each part consists of 4 graphs.

1st graph displays online players over the time with presicison which player and when was present on the server.

2nd graph tells us how much Emerald blocks were destroyed by the players (Emerald is the most rare and valuable ore on the server)

3rd graph shows how many types of ore and quantity was collected by each player over time.  (That may give an idea, what kind of things more interesting for players)

4th heatmap displays the most visited places on the map. Admin may take this coordinates and teleport to the location to check precisely the “hot point”.


Data visualized for all players:

Data visualized for 1 player “test2”: