Variable SLAAC (IPv6). SLAAC with prefixes of arbitrary length in PIO

SLAAC – a process to autoconfigure interfaces of host in IP version 6. The autoconfiguration process includes generating a link-local address, generating global addresses via stateless address autoconfiguration, and the Duplicate Address Detection procedure to verify the uniqueness of the addresses on a link. [IETF: rfc4862] Variable SLAAC – a process to autoconfigure interfaces of […]

[KD6-DANIR-v2] Lite Kernel DHCPv6 PD and NDP implementation

Hello, In this post I am happy to introduce a second version of DHCPv6_PD+ND kernel module:  [KD6-DANIR-v2]. The kernel module implementation follows the state machine for RR (Requesting Router), SR (ServeR) and CT (ClienT)  is presented below: KD6-DHCPv6-PD-DANIRv2 The kernel in the IoT Router (Requesting Router) issues a DHCPv6 PD request on its egress interface and […]

Data visualization from our MineCraft server with ElasticSearch and Kibana.

Hello, This post shows nicely visualized data from gameplay on our MineCraft server Here is a pipeline: Minecraft Server => Json Server => ElasticSearch => Kibana => Visualized Data. This page consists of two parts: 1 part is data of all players. 2 part is data for 1 player “test”. Each part consists of 4 […]

[KD6-DANIR] Lite Kernel DHCPv6 PD and NDP implementation

Today we are happy to introduce a Lite Kernel DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation and Neighbour Discovery implementation KD6-DHCPv6-PD-DANIR The kernel in the IoT Router issues a DHCPv6 PD request on its egress interface and obtains a /56 from DHCPv6 PD server. Further it splits multiple /64s out of it and sends RAs with /64 on the ingress […]

Cisco NSO debug service python PyDev pydevd

This post presents  NSO python service debugging. To debug you will need: PyDev plugin for eclipse pydevd python module There two VMs configured in this case: VM1: eclipse+pydev is installed VM2: NSO+pydevd is installed (NSO service with pydevd initialized that is connecting to the Eclipse/PyDev Debugger.) First configure NSO to increase the transaction timeout: config […]

Cisco NSO and ANSIBLE – orchestration and automation.

ToC (NSO ANSIBLE): This post includes simple introduction and gives links to facilitate the understanding of interoperation of NSO and ANSIBLE:  Prerequisites for NSO and ANSIBLE  NSO interoperation with ANSIBLE  NSO configuration examples using ANSIBLE Prerequisites for NSO and ANSIBLE ANSIBLE – define and run a single task on a set of nodes The basic […]

Implementation of placement algorithm for VNF orchestrators

TAG: Implementation of placement algorithm or placement algorithm implementation for VNF orchestrators.  Introduction Network function virtualization introduces the different way to architect networks. This technology aims to convert different network hardware with specific functions as a virtual services that are running on the general purpose servers, network nodes such that those services could be moved […]

Decrease VirtualBox images size

To help reduce excess disk usage, VirtualBox provides a mechanism for compacting dynamically allocated guest images. Below are the steps to follow if your guest operating system is Linux: Start the Linux virtual machine; Clean the free space on the disk of the Linux virtual machine; Shutdown the Linux virtual machine; Use the VirtualBox VBoxManage utility to […]

isc DHCP openLDAP python

Recenly there was a desire to make a testbed for Zero Touch Provisioning of devices with NSO.I am not ldap guy, but I interoperated a bit with it and thus in this post you may find information  that is required to proceed with a testbed. Most of this information is available on the internet. This post […]

KD-Project_3: IPv6 packet and linux kernel module

Today we consider the way to send IPv6 multicast packet in the linux kernel module (The source code is available HERE). There is some work done regarding sending the IPv4 packet. It is described in previous post on this site. What we did is a simple modification of the “hello world” sample presented in previous […]