Provision service-chaining in dosiOS2102 uCPE with ANSIBLE

Requirements: ncclient (>=v0.5.2) jxmlease (for display=json) xmltodict sudo apt install ansible ansible-galaxy collection install ansible.netcommon ssh-keygen -m PEM -t rsa -b 4096 Command to execute ansible-playbook uCPEprovisioning.yml -vvv Configuration of uCPE before activation of uCPEprovisioning.yml Configuration of uCPE after activation of uCPEprovisioning.yml Data in the uCPEprovisioning.yml: – hosts: dosios2102 remote_user: dosios2102 tasks: – name: set […]

[Total recall] asm #1 – fancy hello word.

Hi, During the “Total Recall” episodes I’m going to recall the knowledge I used to bury deep in corners of my mind. Here is a simple output 🙂 [[email protected] workspace]# nasm -f elf64 -o hello.o hello.asm && ld hello.o -o hello && ./hello wait…1 wait…2 wait…3 wait…4 wait…5 Hey,I’m alive! [[email protected] workspace]#   I’m going […]

dosiOS 2102 – webGUI DEMO

Hello, Previous post [HIT] describes the FreeWare Edge Computing Platorm Software: dosiOS2102. This post is follow up on this subject. In this post we present the DEMO video of WEB Graphical User Interface to configure: Service Functions, Virtual Switches, etc… of dosiOS2102.

dosiOS: Edge Computing Plaform

Welcome to dosiOS Page – Edge Computing Platform Create your service functions, chain them with virtual switches and physical ports of equipment. Accelerate packet exchange with DPDK. Use NETCONF protocol and YANG modelisation language for dosiOS management. Perform identification and physical port mapping on initial setup with provided toolkits. Set the parameters of service function […]

Open vSwitch internals

Hello, in this post we are going to describe the path from switchd main() to xlate_normal_flood() in ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.15.90. We start with main in ovs-vswitchd.c: int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { … bridge_init(remote); free(remote); exiting = false; cleanup = false; while (!exiting) { … bridge_run();

Cube (3D) navigation in C via pointers.

The code in C language: ** Many thanks to my first teacher of informatics: Gazepov Georgy Affulovich! He helped me to find out the passion I have and shared with me the inspiration that leads me today. int main() { int x = 3; int y = 3; int z = 3; int i; int […]

Variable SLAAC (IPv6). SLAAC with prefixes of arbitrary length in PIO

SLAAC – a process to autoconfigure interfaces of host in IP version 6. The autoconfiguration process includes generating a link-local address, generating global addresses via stateless address autoconfiguration, and the Duplicate Address Detection procedure to verify the uniqueness of the addresses on a link. [IETF: rfc4862] Variable SLAAC – a process to autoconfigure interfaces of […]

[KD6-DANIR-v2] Lite Kernel DHCPv6 PD and NDP implementation

Hello, In this post I am happy to introduce a second version of DHCPv6_PD+ND kernel module:  [KD6-DANIR-v2]. The kernel module implementation follows the state machine for RR (Requesting Router), SR (ServeR) and CT (ClienT)  is presented below: KD6-DHCPv6-PD-DANIRv2 The kernel in the IoT Router (Requesting Router) issues a DHCPv6 PD request on its egress interface and […]

Data visualization from our MineCraft server with ElasticSearch and Kibana.

Hello, This post shows nicely visualized data from gameplay on our MineCraft server Here is a pipeline: Minecraft Server => Json Server => ElasticSearch => Kibana => Visualized Data. This page consists of two parts: 1 part is data of all players. 2 part is data for 1 player “test”. Each part consists of 4 […]

[KD6-DANIR] Lite Kernel DHCPv6 PD and NDP implementation

Today we are happy to introduce a Lite Kernel DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation and Neighbour Discovery implementation KD6-DHCPv6-PD-DANIR The kernel in the IoT Router issues a DHCPv6 PD request on its egress interface and obtains a /56 from DHCPv6 PD server. Further it splits multiple /64s out of it and sends RAs with /64 on the ingress […]